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Books and other media

  • From animenews: Astro Boy joins the Robot Hall of Fame
  • From yendi: Greatest American Hero to come out on DVD. I'm really looking forward to this.
  • I correctly recognized a Fennec Fox on the cover of O'Reilly's Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook due to the large ears as mentioned multiple times on Kevin and Kell. As all Ora books do, it has a nifty bit about the Fennec Fox. Eight inches tall, less than a foot long yet it can jump two feet high and jump four feet horizontally from a standing position. Not bad for a mammal...
  • I also finally found the book on digital photography that I've been looking for. Digital Photography and Imaging by David D. Busch. The subtitle is "Stop Taking Snapshots and Start Taking Photographs".
    So many of the photography books out there talk a lot about what to with the film, developing, when to use different films along with useful tips and instruction on taking photographs. Just about all of the books out there on "digital photography" seem to be required to give you two to four chapters of a history lesson on how digital photography developed; a chapter or two on taking pictures that could've been lifted from any book on photography, a chapter or two on how to transfer your pictures, and then five or more chapters on how to edit your images. In other words, pretty much useless.
    This book on the other hand actually talks about the differences that you'll encounter when taking photographs with a digital camera vs. a film camera. All sorts of tips and such that you'd find on a good book on photography but with appropriate attention to using a digital camera. There are a few chapters on editing but those aren't just lifted from some photoshop book; they're well done.
    I suspect I'll do a more thorough review of this book at some point.
    silenceleigh, this is the book I mentioned during the photoshoot.

Finally, two more books that I'll mention briefly since I expect to go into them more later.

  • An Exaltation of Larks or, The Venereal Game by James Lipton.
    Great fun book on terms of venery. Not just a collection of terms of the various beasts of the hunt but an excellent treatise on having delight with the English Language
  • The Divine Proportion: A Study in Mathematical Beauty by H.E. Huntley.
    I just about had a geekgasm when I found this book. It's rotten of Elliot Bay Books to put the Math section near the Computer section. I've not had a chance to read this yet but I'm rather looking forward to doing so.
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