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Holiday plumbing

Well, it's a holiday and so, of course, I had to do some plumbing work. I don't plan that, it just seems to work that way. Frequently I either need to do plumbing work over holidays or it's when I get to it. This weekend was more of that. Except that it was very different this time. Namely, that nothing went wrong. I now have a "soap saver" shower shutoff valve on my shower head and the bathtub faucet is replaced so that there is no water out the faucet rather than it just all being diverted back from the shower through the faucet again.

As for Independence Day plans, we had originally planned on going to a picnic but I didn't have it on the ball early enough to get the directions to where we were going. Oops. I amused myself instead by being a witness to a rather nasty accident on the way to pick up cindygerb.

Oh, and I'm spending time comforting Sally who is really bothered by the fireworks...
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