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Moment of surreality or "you know you're tired when"

Background data:

We had two power outages last night. A bit surprising; we're very good about keeping electricity going even when other parts of the City have problems. So, I was surprised/annoyed when the computers restarted. I'd just re-set up my X Session when the power died again.

Well, I had been in the kitchen and looked at the microwave for the time like I frequently do. It said 2.30a and I thought "I need to get to bed soon; I'll finish up the postfix changes and crash." So, I came back into the computer room and noticed that gkrellm said it was 1.01a. I thought that rather odd. Why didn't ntp work? I type date(1) to make sure that gkrellm isn't just screwed up. Then it occurred to me. Which is more likely to be correct: a computer that uses ntp to keep the time, or a clock that I forgot to set after the power outage???
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