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Sarah Concert, overview

This is my overall impressions of the concert, I'll be posting the playlist later. It's rather disconnected because I haven't figured out a way to tie it together. Maybe by the time I finish this, I'll have it figured out...

Sarah is still very good at working the stage. She took over the stage on numbers that needed it yet on other numbers, she fit everyone into a small space where the band played together. She moved around the stage but always seemed to be where she was supposed to be; none of the random wandering I've seen from other performers.

When she was at the piano, it looked like she made love to the microphone. She was always right against it, crooning to it, seducing it, making her magic spread throughout Key Arena.

When she started, she was amazed at all the people. There couldn't've been more than a few tenths of a percent of open seats. So, she completely filled a 17.5K venue. I heard that it sold out in four or five hours. The crazy thing is that I'm in the Murmurs fanclub and I could've bought the tickets early but I was rather out of it when the tickets went on sale. I'm _very_ appreciative of cindygerb reminding me to buy tickets.

So, she kept talking about how she was nervous after not touring for five years and was very appreciative of all her fans that stuck around even though she hadn't released a new album in six years. This was the first of the forty-four shows in North America. She seems to be doing what she's done before, starting in Seattle and ending in Vancouver. She mentioned "Vancouver and Seattle are rather similar <pause> except for the little matter of a president…"

In a vast improvement over the opening act (Butterfly Boucher — thanks _pollox), someone took care of the video screens very well. The large screens that were part of the venue were always focusing on someone in the band, frequently Sarah. The screens in the back had various good screensaveresque displays on it with occasional other things and zooms on Sarah. I'm not a videographer but I thought this presentation was very well done.

Finally, a quick bit on two songs although I'll go more into it on my post about the playlist.
I was delighted that she played Ice. I don't think I've heard her play that in concert before; it's very potent.
I had a definite emotional reaction to Fear. It's a song that pulls me in; I usually prefer to follow it immediately with Fumbling Towards Ecstasy but it wasn't. I have no idea what the song was that was played since I was still wrapped up.
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