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I don't know what happened to me. I was doing quite well this morning, I was feeling good enough that I actually said 'Good Morning' to someone. But during our company meeting, I sneezed really hard. Soon after this, the muscles over the ribs on my right side started spasming. Then my triceps and quads started aching about an hour later. By about 2.30p, I was feeling really tired. I'm not even sure why. We came home and I just collapsed in the living room.
At around 8.30p, cindygerb had fixed me a wonderful meal of home fries, grilled cheese sandwich (swiss), and fruit salad. Torin is fatigued? Try feeding him starch. It was my choice of the options but Cindy did know to offer it. Through the meal, I did get my brain back. This is good since I still have to finish off the GM CARS Tech Spec for work. Thankfully, there's not much left on it.

Note that this isn't a plea for sympathy or "hope you feel better" but more for me to track a bit on how I'm doing.
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