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Gaming at Strangeland on Jul 21st, 6.30p

There will be some gaming going on at StrangeLand, Wednesday the 21st at 6.30p (1830). If you need directions, please ask.

This is still the playing board games and card games that usually includes those people in our Changeling campaign. It is temporarily at StrangeLand while our normal host takes the summer off.

The last gaming night, people showed up at different times as the night progressed and it was a good group; about the same size as the last group but with almost completely different people. We had vettybird for the first time and saw several people we haven't seen for a bit

We again started out with ImaginIff and then moved into a game of Cricket Cricket. The gaming devolved from there and we had much talking. Towards the end of the evening, we played several rounds of Nodwick. It's good to have a very silly game that plays rather fast. Ten minutes is a long game. We didn't have a chance to play Chez Geek/Chez Goth but I'm sure that we will at some point in the future...

In the past, we've played Cricket Cricket, Carcassone (Hunters and Gatherers)/Carcassone (Medieval w/all expansions), Settlers/Seafarers of Catan, Apples to Apples, Nodwick, Fluxx, Falling, Snits Revenge, Illuminati, Lunch Money, and others. It depends on what the folks that show up prefer. Folks are welcome to bring their own games as well.

Please feel free to show up. Bring snacks if you'd like. A phone call would be appreciated but not necessary.
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