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Hot Tub Moving

Well, I have a flatbed truck rented to be picked up at 1:30p on Sunday after Dim Sum (that is the July 14th 2002ce). I need strong men and women to be able to lift a hot tub from a friends deck and put it onto the flat bed. I don't know how well the flat bed will fit into his back yard, so it might need to be toted about 5-8 meters to the truck. Then we'll drive the truck about a mile to the house drive into the backyard and lift it down onto the ground again.
I need to contact the current owner of the tub to find the exact time that we will be able to pick it up on Sunday and haul it off. I will let you know as soon as I find out. I will probably see him tonight at the Poly gathering at Third Place Books.

Thanks for any help you can provide. Tub privileges come with helping move. But then again, if you are reading this, you'd probably get to use the tub anyway, so that's not really much of an incentive. :)
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