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Linked list...

So, I was going to post this about a week ago but never got to it.

I've got a few pages and entries laying around that I need to put somewhere and most of them are good enough to mention here.
The first is from a friend behind a locked post, titled 'Poly Hallmark Card that seriously needs to exist':
"Thank you for your support and understanding while I have been whining about someone else, instead of being a snarky jealous asshat like everyone I've been with before. I love you."
Maybe it could do without the "snarky jealous asshat" bit, but there's reasons I don't write cards, you know.
I don't know that there is enough of a market for that, but it would be amusing.

Very nifty little online book about tea: Tea Leaves.

Very pretty picture accompaniment from bridgetester: Taps. (warning, graphics intensive as you'd expect a picture accompaniment to be.)

I've been reading the Warlock series by Stasheff and I've found this to be useful.

Interview with Grant Morrison that I need to find the time to read: How Grant Morrison Saved my Life.

Interesting comparison of Active Listening vs. Dialogic Listening from caeled: Active vs. Dialogic.

manifestress recommends a book by Jane Yolen, Take Joy - a book for writers
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