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Ranking choices for school

So, I'm taking courses through the University of Phoenix Online and their having us fill out personality surveys and such to help us determine our "learning style". This wouldn't generally be a problem except that I'm supposed to make artificial rankings of items and it's pretty difficult. For example, how would I choose from the following:

I learn best when the material is:
  1. (1) well organized
  2. (3) something I can do hands-on
  3. (2) about understanding and improving the human condition
  4. (4) intellectually challenging

Personally, I'd prefer something that is all of the above. After all, if I say that "well organized" should be 2 of four, below "about understanding and improving the human condition" and "intellectually challenging", does that mean that I'm selecting for poorly organized? I really get frustrated with such.

The next question is:
A high priority in my life is to:
  1. (3) keep my commitments.
  2. (2) experience as much of life as possible.
  3. (4) make a difference in the lives of others.
  4. (1) understand how things work.

This one is even more difficult to rank than the last one. I'm supposed to decide whether "keeping my commitments" is more important than "making a difference in the lives of others"? And I supposed to determine if "experiencing as much of life as possible" is more important than one or both of these? How absurd.
And understanding how things work makes all tasks that much easier.

Ranking things is fine and dandy for modeling behaviour and determining trends. But not allowing for ranks to be shared or for a question to be deemed irrelevant or just "asking the wrong question" is pretty ridiculous.

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