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Cleanup, Work, and David Byrne

For those of you have have been to StrangeLand, do you know the encroaching mess near my computer at the western edge of the room? The one that was slowly taking over the room? Well, I spent last night cleaning all of that up. I generated enough paper recycle to two-third fill our large recycle container... I still have to clean up under and on my desk but that's rather minor in comparison. Yay me!

As for work, I have to be available from noon to 6p today for QA. I've been available so far and have sent messages to the QA person that I am but I've heard _nothing_ back. I'm feeling a bit amotivational. At least I had yesterday off from work. First day since when I was sick (about three weeks).

cindygerb and I are going to see David Byrne tonight out at the Pier. We're both looking forward to this and hoping it won't be too hot. I'll tell all about it later.

Someone had the following on their journal: Putting the "F" Back in Freedom. I was a little annoyed at it until I saw who was doing it. Oh dear.

Well, time to vacuum up all the dust and cat fur that my cleaning efforts from last night exposed and wait for any QA response from work.
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