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Every Sacred Thing

I'm trying to figure out something inside myself and one thing that seems relevant is the song Every Sacred Thing by Gaia Consort. You can hear a lo-fi recording here.

Every time I listen to it, I cry with tears in my eyes but it's difficult to say if it's in rage, in pain, or in sadness. It's not a clear line like when I listen to The Old Ones. That one is clearly rage.

The lyrics say it better than further explanation:
Every Sacred Thing
Flash of the breast on the big screen, But no penetration or spark
Cut the claw from the tiger, de-fang the cobra so we can feel safe in the dark

Big money makes the decisions, big money owns all the gods
And I can't help but laugh at the puzzled expression when i say I won't give to the cause.

Is it any wonder that our spirits cry - Is it wonder something inside us dies,
when we sanitize every sacred thing?

Paved over meadows for strip malls, or misguided notions of bliss
And I point to the universe shaking their shoulders, saying "How can you need more than this?"

Five thousand years of repression, five thousand years of the lie
And I can't help but hoping as I'm watching the changes, that maybe we're watching it die

Maybe a storm cloud is coming or maybe it's just a soft rain
and I don't have the answers but every bone in my body is laughing or crying or screaming for change!

Is it any wonder that our spirits cry
Is it wonder — when we sanitize
Every sacred thing

Copyright © 2001 Christopher Bingham
What solace I may draw comes from doing my best to defeat the sanitizing of the beautiful, the crushing of the exceptional, the isolation of the silly. I'm out to defeat the Curse of Grayface to my last chuckle.
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