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Is the U.S. a Christian nation and Religious beliefs of the founders of the U.S. Constitution

I was researching what the beliefs of the founders of the U.S. Constitution were and I was able to find the following links. You are welcome to use and abuse these as you desire.

Note that I have little against Christianity as practiced by most Christians. It's the vocal few that really ruin it including those that assure me that this is a Christian nation.

  • The Religious Beliefs Of Our Presidents
    This is rather incomplete and I'd like to get a copy but the Table of Contents alone is useful and interesting.
  • Six Historic Americans
    Extensive documentation on Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, Paine, and Washington being Freethinkers and Grant not being a Christian.
  • Does the U.S. have Christian Foundations?
    A very good page examining early documents that formed the U.S. I love pages that have a good reference list at the end. Very good page for anyone declaring that our founding fathers intended this to be a Christian nation; that Common Law is based on the Ten Commandments of Christianity; or other "facts" proving this to be a Christian nation.
  • Is America a Christian Nation?
    A brochure from the Freedom from Religion Foundation covering the topic from another angle.
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