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I'm not sure why but my brain just hasn't been up to par today. I had to very much focus to get my work done today. There weren't really spare cycles left over to cogitate about stuff. starandrea had a good way of putting it here. I'd planned on doing a few things today but that didn't happen. I've just been asleep much of the day. I had a few thoughts on posts early in the day but they left.

I seem to be doing better now which is good since I'm cashier at the 'Spot tonight and I have a shadow. I could probably cashier with a sleepybrain but I couldn't instruct someone else on how to do it.

While looking at LJ stuff (from a link starting with wispfox), I discovered the term dysnomia. I do think that my difficulty with names is more than just your average "can't remember names too well". I should have no problems remembering people's names who I've worked with for three years. I shouldn't have problems recalling someone's name who I've talked with frequently for several years. Interestingly enough, what I've been reading is that dysnomia is correlational with auditory memory problems. I'm not sure what the developmental psych definition of auditory memory problems would be but I know that if I only hear something and never have the chance to write it down and read it back, then the chances of me recalling it are above epsilon but not very far above. I've added it as an interest and I notice that the only other person with it listed is the person who created the faceblind community. I thought I was the only person with it listed when I actually added it but with my brain brokenness (that was almost broun brakenness) I can't really be sure.

On a completely different tangent, roobug mentions a Quaker Wedding. It sounds rather nifty. I like how the two people marry each other rather than an officiant doing so.
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