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Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge

So, I've known for a long time that data and information are different. Data is a collection of numbers, words, or other symbols such as 23%, 5, apples. Data by itself is just there, without meaning. Information is taking data and making it relate to other data. Information is data linked with other data so that it has meaning. "The price of apples has jumped 23% due to the drought."

What I'm learning about in InfoSense: Turning Information into Knowledge is the definition he uses for knowledge. Knowledge is when someone takes information and can put it to personal use. The book talks a lot about situation theory; I always like new models to apply to my environment. One of the most interesting claims so far in the early part of the book is that of the resolution of the liar paradox of Epimenedes. If they can do that, I definitely want to do more. Alas, the actual solution isn't in this book but in The Liar: An Essay in Truth and Circularity.

I'll probably have at least one more post about this book (InfoSense) in the future.
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