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Weekend Update

I was doing lots of processing over the weekend (weekend includes Friday since I was off then) as well as spending much time with cindygerb. I tried to read LJ but I think I've seen a few things today where people have referenced public posts that I haven't seen. So, if I missed an important post of yours this last weekend, I apologize. I also expect to be making a post about the processing tonight but it will take a while...

Cindy and I went to Crave on Sunday at the recommendation of intrepid_reason. Cindy had the biscuits and gravy with chicken sausage. I had the leftovers from that for lunch. Yum! I used to have biscuits and gravy all the time before I became allergic to beef and pork. The rest of the food was very good. We'll definitely be going back.

Speaking of lunch, I just finished off the fruit salad that Cindy made. With contributions from elsewhere, it was made all out of fruits grown at friends homes.

I did have the joy of finding another way in which whoever built this house didn't know what they were doing. I suspect that it was a post-WWII searskit home and the owner thought himself a handyman. When I went to replace the wax seal on the toilet (needed every 15–20 years), I found that there was no toilet flange. And it was into a cast-iron out-pipe. And I need to drill past the tile to secure the flange. In opposition to what I told folks at party rev_dr_ace and ivolucien invited the two of us to, I actually am going to try to replace it. This is the only way to get it done before the game party on Wednesday. Oh, right. I need to post about the Games on Wednesday. I need to get going though, so I'll post about that later.

In other brief notes, cindygerb and I went to the library on Sunday and enjoyed touring the place. We should've gone sooner but we couldn't. The spiral of books was very nifty.

Finally, someone at work recommended Venison ribs to satisfy my rib cravings. Looks good and I'll have to get a cheap grill and try it.

Oh, and really, I will respond to comments that folks have made.
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