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After the heat

Well, it remained hot the rest of the day at work. They were replacing a part between 1430 and 1500 but that's not going to make the place cool before 1730 or 1800. I left about twenty minutes early hearing mutterings of other people planning on abandoning the ship. It was in the mid-80s out and Seattle-humid. (Yes, humid but nothing compared to DC - it's not the humidity, it's the heat.)
I made it to the car, started it, turned the A/C on full, and reclined back waiting for Cindy. She got there about ten after and I was feeling vaguely human. Not completely there but I was up to driving at least.
Unfortunately, during the day, all my clavicle vertebrae started cramping. that wasn't much fun either. I'm going to go to bed about 2-3 hours early...

Oh, and while in the car with A/C on, I heard another reason to listen to 89.5 than just the no commercials. The DJ at 4pm said, "Wow, it's 88 out there. If I wasn't in this 72 degree studio, I'd be passed out somewhere."

BTW, in chatting with Cindy, we determined that I am a heat-wimp, not because I don't deal with the heat well but because I complain about it so bloody much.
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