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Just a few things...

So, I wonder why it's so common to spell deity as *diety instead. I guess it's an 'i' before 'e' thing that doesn't follow that rule.

What follows here is a somewhat disorganized set of links that I need to put somewhere and this looks like a good place.

Found Social Justice in the Bible when I was noodling around on metaquotes.

There is also the Law Collective on how to deal with the authorities when you're being an activist. I think what brought me there was the Legal Observer Checklist.

I saw this cartoon series and I immediately thought of iswari.

Next up is a link to a summary of the life of Kerry Thornley, one of the two co-authors of the Principia Discordia; the document that founded the modern Erisian clusterfuck. Also the author of Zenarchy and other subversively funny books.

Finally, a post by bridgetester led me to Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive Levels. It was something that I found a while back but couldn't find again because I didn't remember it well enough. Now that it's here, I'll have a reference to it.
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