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The Five Love Languages

So, a long while back, cindygerb and I were in a Nest where we focused on communication. One of the books that we used to help this was The Five Love Languages which talked about the different ways that people use to express love for one another. It talked about something called a love tank; where if you think that you are expressing love for your sweetie but they don't receive it as love, then their love tank won't be filled and your love tank might be drained. Some people find touch to be expressions of love while for others, it is acts of service; the touch doesn't communicate the love.
Both Cindy and I found that both touch and our loved ones allowing us to perform acts of service for them were the primary ways that we expressed our love.

Well, now there is an online quiz for this that I found on wispfox's journal. You've probably seen it around as lots of people seem to be posting their results. My results were:
ScoreLove Language
6Words of Affirmation
8Quality Time
0Receiving of Gifts
4Acts of Service
12Physical Touch

No real surprises here. Anyone that knows me knows that I thrive on touch and investing time with people. And gifts don't really mean that much to me; it's more the getting of the gift rather than the gift itself.

P.S. The quiz is hosted on a website from a Christian Ministry but the quiz itself isn't religious.
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