Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
Torin/Darren WhoEver

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A variety of things...

I've got a variety of different bits to cover that might've needed separate posts but I've not been posting much...

First off, does anyone know what happened to mmarianne? I thought I'd wait a few days to see if her account was undeleted but it hasn't been...

Next is that I've noticed that when I'm out of sorts, that it is much easier to read posts and comment on those than to write posts or reply to comments that aren't immediately in front of me. In truth, it's one of the indicators that I have that I'm out of sorts...

I also wanted to mention this list of Don Martin sound-effects.

Finally, I thought I'd mention an amusement from lunch. I was outside reading a bit to get some fresh air and I heard some people describing the butts of different people and the disappointment that occurs when what they thought was a nice butt turns out to be a guy. This is one of the varied uses of not using gender as a discriminate for attractiveness. It doesn't matter whose butt it is, it stays a fine butt...
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