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It makes a difference to _this_ one

The following comes from a locked post of fieryfae469's. I really liked it,asked for permission to put it in my journal unlocked and she agreed.
A little boy was walking along a beach which was strewn with hundreds, if not thousands, of starfish. As he walked along, he was picking up the stranded starfish and putting each one he picked up gently back into the water.

A man came walking along the beach in the opposite direction and saw what the boy was doing. "There's no point to doing that," he told the boy. "There are thousands of starfish here. You can't save them all. You can't even make any real difference."

The boy stooped to pick up another starfish. He held it up, looked the man right in the eye, and responded:

"It makes a difference to this one."
It really seems to me that it's the little actions that really help. Stories and ballads focus on big deeds but it's the little methods of help that really make up history.
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