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Myers-Briggs information...

So, with the various discussions I've had with people lately, I decided to take the MBTI again, ms_friday happened to provide a good link, just as I was thinking about this. As with many things this week, it happened well before I'm posting about it.
So, I received the following when I took the test at
I – 11
N – 67
F – 67
P – 22

Descriptions of the INFP are available at TypeLogic, Team Technology, and Personality Portraits.
I do think it's interesting that this assessment actually was able to pick up on some of my Introverted behaviour. But then, I also read this description of ENFP and think that while the other descriptions have more of what I think of as me in them, this also has much to say about my behaviours.

As can be expected from me, I don't view this as restricting my behaviour at all but rather as a possible avenue of exploration to find out more about myself. I'm the ultimate authority on myself, not some online assessment thingy. One case in point is that these say that INFP's avoid conflict. I would definitely not say that is the case for me; I don't seek conflict but if that's what comes, then it's something I deal with…

Oh, and again, thanks to ms_friday for her providing the links to someone else that I needed and used.
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