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Enneagram results

The Enneagram seemed amusing too and now it won't clutter my friends list.

Main type: 2w3
Friendly and ambitious, 2e3s are outgoing and focus on their connection with others to maintain their happiness. They have robust personalities and enjoy sharing themselves with others. They can seem theatrical in their displays.

Mean type: 9w8
You are more fearless than others. it is easy for you to trust people. You finish most things you start. You are more aware of pleasure than pain. You are very physically affectionate. You are very open minded. You like to listen.

Your results on all types are calculated into two mean scores. Your Vmean is 2.60 and your Hmean is 5.30. Plotting them on the Enneagram map determines your overall unconscious personality type which is 9w8. Most Enneagram books and tests focus on main type and use an additional "variant" classification (instead of mean type) to account for the influence of all nine behavior types. This is the same thing as mean typing, except instead of 9 delineations, there are only three. Based on your test results your variant is Sexual. So when reading other Enneagram books or websites refer to the Type 2w3, Sexual variant descriptions.

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1Perfectionism||||||30%
Type 2Helpfulness||||||||||||||||||||81%
Type 3Image Focus||||||||||||||56%
Type 4Hypersensitivity||||17%
Type 5Detachment||||13%
Type 6Anxiety||||||29%
Type 7Adventurousness||||||||||||||||||78%
Type 8Aggressiveness||||||||||||||||64%
Type 9Calmness||||||||||||||||||71%
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