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On decision making

Inspired by a post from bridgetester asking for input from people that use large amounts of logic in their decision-making, tempering such logic with a countervailing amount of emotion. I made a comment that I wanted to put into my journal. I don't think that I really answered the question but it is at least related.

Personally, I find that there are so many different bits of data out there that trying to fit them into information by considering each piece is ultimately futile to me. So, I learn what I can, considering that emotional states and reactions are vital data, often more valid than simply observable causal acts. Once I've learned them, I let them percolate and mix in with the other bits of things that I know. When I'm called to make a decision, I find one (or usually a few to several) that seems to flow the best with what I perceive the overall situation to be. I don't know why I've come up with the decision that I have but it works so much better than if I try to reason out a solution. If asked why I made a decision, I'll either give them a long winded explanation similar to this one or just make up some reason. That reason will logically follow from the other data but I couldn't tell you if it was the real reason I made the decision that I did.

At some point, I need to write up how I used the scientific method and the null hypothesis to determine using logic or intuition worked better for me. But now right now.
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