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Age gaps hits again...

And now for something a little bit lighter...

Harrison Ford Made to Feel Old

World Entertainment News Network

Movie star HARRISON FORD realized he has already started being treated like a pensioner when he found himself shopping for incontinence pants.

The actor, who turned 60 on Saturday, was trying to help girlfriend CALISTA FLOCKHART when she asked him to get diapers for her baby LIAM - but was left red faced when a pimplefaced store clerk directed him to incontinence pants.

Ford explains, "We were in Livingstone, Montana, and I went into a store and I asked the guy, `Where are the disposable diapers?' and this snaggle-toothed kid says, 'Aisle six, sir,' and I go over to aisle six and there's nothing but Depends.

"The baby diapers were on the other side of the store."
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