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Update on interviews and such

So, it's time for an update on the job and interview front.

I interviewed on Monday with Kelly IT services for a possible position with Rosetta Biosoftware. I'm now scheduled for a phone interview tomorrow at 1p with the actual company. This is a good thing since it will be my first in-company interview for a position that I seem to be a fit for.

I had another interview with a medical equipment company but unfortunately, they need someone that is experienced in writing software test plans as well as being able to program Perl code that can drive serial ports. And they need someone that can start and finish the first part of the project by mid-November. I might be able to learn test plans and such but not in that sort of timeframe.

I received an e-mail from the folks at Apex Systems that nothing has happened there and I continue to here nothing from Kforce.
I had an odd bit this morning where someone from Excell Data called and was talking to me. He said that he'd send me some job listings and while we were talking about it, we were cutoff. I never received any e-mails and he never called back. Hmmm.

Here's hoping that the interview tomorrow works out. It is with the HR department rather than the hiring manager but I'll work through their layers...

[.Edit.] Someone from Ascentium also wants to talk to me tomorrow.
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