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Self-knowledge (pulled from a question by wispfox)

I pulled this from a comment I made on wispfox's journal because I thought it was rather cool and wanted it duplicated in mine.

This is really for documentation purposes for myself but if anyone wants to answer it as well, I would find that rather interesting. As she said, "I'm asking this because I'm curious as to how other people's brains might work in this regard." After all, statistics with n = 1 really suck.

Do things in your head sometimes surprise you?

Not very often but then changes tend to occur slowly. There have been times when odd things happen; the rarity is a part of the oddity. Back when I was still spelunking in parts of myself, I wasn't surprised because I _expected_ to be learning new things about myself. These days when I find a new/different bit, I'm fascinated.

If things in your head ever surprise you, how do you handle it?

Well, considering that it's a part of myself, I have to accept it. Rejecting it just because I'm not the way that I expected to be just doesn't work. I've found that refusing to accept myself leads to all sorts of trouble and I have to accept it eventually anyway. I figure to get it over with and just accept me as I am without the extra trouble.

Do you feel like you know yourself very well?

I think I know myself relatively well. I can in general predict my responses to most things and I know how to evaluate situations that I can't predict so that it's useful to me later. I think there are vast reaches in me that I haven't explored yet but that's because I haven't figured out how to get there. I have explored all the places that I _have_ found and I'm still looking for other ways to access those places I don't know about yet.

If you don't feel like you know yourself very well, do you want to? Do you feel like it affects your life in any way (positive or negative)?

As I mentioned, I'm looking for ways and places of myself that I don't know yet. I know there is much that I don't know but I do what I can. Considering that there is much of social interaction that I just don't understand, I've found that knowing myself is useful in social situations so that I can figure out how to flow with the social dynamic without wondering if I'm going to change underneath me.

Do you feel like it's important to check in with the stuff in your head regularly, or are you confident that you will know about changes in your head when they happen?

I'm not quite sure what this question is asking. I think that my check with myself routine is so ingrained in my normal routine that I can't conceive of not doing so. I do know that I don't just suddenly know when something changes; it's a part of my internal maintenance of my selfness to find these things out.

Do you feel the need to share changes in your head with other people? If so, who (names not needed; their relationships to you would probably be useful), and why? If not, and if you can explain it, why not?

I do share things when I can. Sometimes I even involve those close to me in the discovery process. Having other inputs is very, very handy although ultimately, I am autocratic about how I am and how I do things. I also share of myself with others close to me since they interact with me and unannounced changes can be disconcerting. Unfortunately, I have grave difficulties englishing what the changes are at times and it can take extensive discussion. Thankfully, I like to talk.
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