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I'm really a bit annoyed at so many people doomsaying everything and deciding that it's all over and we're in for another four years that are a continuation of the last four years. I know that many of you don't "believe" in the woo-woo stuff but for those of you that do, remember that while it can't make _much_ difference, visualization and expectations can cause _some_ change.

I'm also really wondering about the "let's just let whoever seems to win, win. No lawsuits and no acrimony, okay?" viewpoint that I've seen in many people's journals. I could agree with that if I felt that the neo-cons had any thought of doing such a thing. Because it's really the neo-cons that are driving this. There are many Republicans that I would vote for rather than vote for Kerry but that's not the choice offered to me. For the neo-cons, this election will be a matter of moral outrage if they should be defeated. God has told them they would win and therefore if they don't win, they need to do anything they can to do so. My choice is generally to not communicate with my mom since we can't have a civil discussion while this issue is going on. But I'm not going to promise to just meekly accept whatever the neo-cons or the democrats do to our voting process. I want this "cold civil war" to end but I refuse to do so by being the lamb laying down with the lion.

P.S. Also see here.
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