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Interview at W3Data

This was originally going to be friends-locked and such and I was going to go into a bit of detail. Unfortunately, that detail is currently sitting on the dining room table, so I'll have to do that later. Oh. One detail that I'll mention was that it was 7 hours long — 3 hours for the skill assessment and 4 hours of interview. It only ended then because everyone needed to leave at 5p including me.

I will say that I was told that my Perl skill evaluation was impressive and they really liked my breadth of skills. I heard two different answers about length of time to hear back but the longest time that they mentioned was December 1st. I would like this job since it's one of the few that would actually use my Perl skills. Now, I have to say that with J2EE and Java 1.4, Java is actually becoming decent and 1.5 looks amusing. But still I love Perl and I'd get to use it on this job. We'll see what we see. I have a second interview that is supposed to be scheduled for early next week in Java and we'll see how I do at that. I have other thoughtly bits but I'll save them for when I'm using a client instead of a webpage...

Oh, and thank you for all the good wishes although I didn't see them until I got to the 'Spot tonight at 7p.

[.Edit.] Actually, I said pretty much everything I was going to say here already...
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