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Pimpage and Links

So, I was going to post about something but I have no idea what it was. Instead, I'm going to take the cheap and easy way out.

  • If you read or write science fiction or fantasy, you should take infinitehotel's poll
  • For massive amounts of cute, you might check these out.
    scarletdemon, you should _not_ click on this link or the next one.
  • a review of a common item found in many computing environments.
  • Disturbing TMNT slash from scathedobsidian.
  • cindygerb suggests that I should not get these from the folks that brought you

In other news, I find it amazing/annoying that I'm getting phone calls from recruiters now that say something like "I know that you aren't looking but do you know anyone that …".

Finally, it's definitely a bit of itchy hands when the itching wakes me up from sleep.

Finally^2, I think the past tense of seem/seems should be seemd without the third 'e'. I just like it better that way.

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