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More work type things

So, work continues to not suck. I would even say that it's going well. I'll be wiping out the Windows XP box I've currently got at my desk and installing Debian on it tomorrow. This will make me much happier than continuing to try to use Windows. I'll install VMWare and WinXP and MS-Office so that I can use Outlook. One of the benefits of installing Linux is that I'll be able to install software. If I stayed on WinXP, I have to get IT's permission to install any software.

Some of the things that made me happy about interviewing there and working there include:
  • One of the leads (who shares an office with the Director of Software Development) has this displayed prominently in his window. The link is work-safe unless you work for Clear Channel or similar company.
  • When it came up that I use XEmacs as my editor, the systems architect said, "And we hired you?" The other fellow that was hired at the same time said that he used vi so the architect said that it was okay then as long as parity is kept.
    I like a place where people care about what editors they use and those editors are Emacs and vi.
  • …There are others but I forget right now.
One thing that is a bit worrisome is that folks seem to make jokes and have a generally light attitude. This likely needs a bit of explanation. :)
One of the lack of socialization areas that I've never been able to really repair is that I just don't understand where boundaries are for most people. I'm "Master of TMI" not because I want to shock people but because my boundaries are in different places than most. The way that I generally handle this is to stay clear on _this_ side of the boundary. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes I get viewed as a bit stiff and possibly distant at times. I'm going to have to be very careful in making humorous comments that I don't go past the boundaries that most humorous comments don't go past. Not sure how well this will work but what's life without a bit of challenge?
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