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More thoughts on photography

So, I've been thinking about photography more and ideas and thoughts on the NaNoPhoMo when I've had some idle time. Something that struck me while I was flipping through the Tao of Photography by Philippe Gross is where he describes about how he adopted the belief that some subject deserved to be photographed more than others. Then one day he was shocked when picture of a door won a photography contest. How could such a common object win such a prize? He hadn't yet learned how difficult it is to compose an photograph that makes an ordinary door interesting.

Chuang-Tzu is quoted throughout this book and the author uses the following quote to talk about being too goal-oriented rather than taking a photograph that extols the wonder and joy to be found in the ten thousand things:
The ten thousand things are really one. We look on some as beautiful because they are rare or unearthly; we look on others as ugly because they are foul and rotten. But the foul and rotten may turn into the rare and unearthly, and the rare and unearthly may turn into the foul and rotten. So it is said, You have only to comprehend the one breath that is the world. The sage never ceases to value oneness.
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