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Happy 13th Anniversary to us!

So, cindygerb and I are having a good weekend. Friday night, we went out to eat at Neelam's, a good Indian restaurant; we played some games in front of the fire; we had sex in front of the fire; watched two cartoons (one episode?) of Invader Zim; and read in bed together. During all of this we were making love.

Last night, we went to maida_mac and niac's party and had good food and good conversation. I shared around some 100% Arriba chocolate. I warned everyone before trying it. We had some interesting reactions. Some were "I now understand why people can like 100% chocolate.", "It's not like having candy but rather like a fine coffee.", and "Yuk!!" I liked it. It was a very intense flavor but not too bitter.

Today, we are celebrating our 13th Anniversary at Dim Sum. Yay!!!

So, is it legal to actually finish one of these 20 oz tubs of Eucerin? I hope so, this is my second that I've finished and I've got another that's pretty close.
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