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Stacks of Firewood

I have numerous things to post about but many of them require more quietness of thought than I have right now. That and cindygerb and I are about to go out to look at Christmas Lights.

I regularly pull from Warehouse 23 when I pull my daily comics. I really liked todays and while the compulsion aspect makes me a little uncomfortable, I rather like the rest of it and think that it might be nifty at parties at our house.
You open one of the 997 boxes on this floor and find…
Stacks of firewood. If a fire is made with a log of this wood, anyone within line of sight will be compelled to sit by the fire and talk about their feelings and experiences fully and honestly.
I realize this is possibly a bit cliché but I like it nonetheless.

Thinking about it even further, I doubt that we would need such wood. It seems to happen regularly anyway.
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