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Special Gaming at Strangeland on December 29nd, 7.00p (the body was correct)

There will again be some gaming going on at StrangeLand, Wednesday December the 29nd at 7.00p (1900). If you need directions, please ask.

This is in the off week since it's the holidays and there are people who have said they are available that we'd like to see.

I've set up a mailing list to announce and discuss gaming. If you'd like a mailed announcement rather than just reading this post, say so and I'll add you...

This is the playing board games and card games that originated back when we were still playing Changeling and our GM could only make it every other week. If you're interested what happened the last few times, you can read here.

In the past, we've played Cricket Cricket, Carcassone (Hunters and Gatherers)/Carcassone (Medieval w/all expansions), Settlers/Seafarers of Catan, Apples to Apples, Nodwick, Fluxx, Chrononauts, ImaginIff, Falling, Snits Revenge, Awful Green Things, Illuminati, Lunch Money, Creatures and Cultists, Filthy Rich, and others. It depends on what the folks that show up prefer. Folks are welcome to bring their own games as well.

Please feel free to show up. Bring snacks if you'd like.

Note: The body of the message was correct, not the header. It's on the 29th, not the 27th.
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