Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Gaming last wednesday the 22nd

We started out the games with Fluxx! There was cindygerb, anansi133, aekajin2, and myself. lisakit came just in time for the first round of Fluxx! and then won rather quickly. We then moved on to Filthy Rich 3-D. It's not a very forgiving game and there is a rather high degree of chance but it is a fun game nonetheless. We played with some variants that made taxation on occur once per roll of the dice and such that a six allowed you choose the page to be on. I suspect we might try a variant that allows one to start with a business at the beginning the next time we play. lisakit won this game as well. Finally, just as we were about to start a game of Munchkin, blackavar showed up. Take a guess as to who won the Munchkin game. Yes, it was lisakit again. :) We thought about playing Chez Geek/Chez Goth that blackavar had brought but just weren't up to learning a new game. We are resolved to play it next time he shows up. So, we ended the night with Apples to Apples which anansi133 won.
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