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A report on the special gaming last wednesday...

So, this was the biggest wednesday gaming we've every had. There were 15 people: cooncat, mrsrobinson, her delightful yet lj-less husband, Omar, their friends azreal_cryn and amazonpriestess, aekajin2, girlshawn and her two kids, Joey and Padrick, mokie_sassafras and her two kids, Noah and Jesse, caroline452, anansi133, myself, and someone who only identified themselves as "my butt". Don't know who that could be…

We started out with a game of Apples to Apples as an introductory game and one that could a) handle this many people, and b) was easy to add people to. I think amazonpriestess won this but I'm not positive. Possibly she will confirm this if she reads it. After a bit of discussion, we then broke into two groups with some playing Acquire that anansi133 brought and most of the rest playing Cricket, Cricket, I'm on Fire. And no, Cricket, Cricket is not an outdoor sport like the singular Cricket is. It's a game that is best described briefly as pictionary meets telephone. See the link for more. cindygerb reportedly won the Acquire game and we were all greatly amused by the Cricket, Cricket game.

Oh, as a final note. Padrick played most of the games with us while the other kids found much entertainment with the ferrets, chatting with the others playing the games, and the various toys around the house.
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