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So, cindygerb had a very good idea yesterday. She suggested that I go out with sally to a park and just sit with my back against a tree for a good long while. I did this for about three hours yesterday. It really helped with my feeling of connection and at the same time brought me more into myself. It was an excellent suggestion. My mood afterwards was somewhat of a combination of Blood and The Web by Gaia Consort off of Secret Voices. (Incidentally, The Web is still my favorite of all of the Gaia Consort songs. It also reminded me of this post of aoniedesade's where she mentions a quote by Sophocles:
One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.
I think I also need to write about the NYE event too. cindygerb and I had a choice of two larger parties or one smaller one where it was actually possible to interact with everyone there at the same time. I'm glad we went to that. 'Course some of the people there are also people we don't get to see anywhere near enough and are majorly nifty but I'm rambling away from my point. This was about connections.

Tonight, Cindy and I are going to see Polar Express on the Pacific Science Center IMax. I've heard both positive and negative about the movie but anything is better on the IMax. And I'll be with Cindy. Important...
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