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Last night's gaming

So, last nights gaming was rather more well attended than we expected. There were mokie_sassafras, Noah, Jesse, aekajin2, cindygerb, inaurolillium, anansi133, and a number of people without LJs: Rebecca (do you have an LJ I don't know?), John, Illyeanna, Ilya, Joe, Celeste, and Jeff. We had two tables of games playing. On one table, evidently Joe won at Carcassone. On the other table we were playing Munchkin. It ran a bit long and so near the end, some of us were trying to get a monster killed while others wanted to keep going, so they enhanced it. It was an Astoundingly Ultra-Rare Bedridden Toothless Exploding Baby Kamikaze Kobold … From Hell! All the pluses and minuses canceled out, leaving it at 7.
I amused myself by using a Cheat Card to allow me to use the "with Spiky Bits" on the Revealing Costume. The image of Kestrel from Queen of Wands having Spiky Bits on her Revealing Costume just amused me too much.

Oh, and elfric while looking to see if they had a picture of the Revealing Costume, I found the following:
Q. Can I use Help Me Out Here to take the Kneepads of Allure and then make someone help me?
A. As long as the person you force to help you can make the difference between winning and losing (per Help Me Out Here's requirements), you most definitely can. Don't expect anyone to like you afterwords...
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