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Re: snow and Polar Express

So, I'm wondering how many people will be showing up to Dim Sum with the snow still falling out there. The snow advisory is only until 11a but with the hills as they are here and the general worry about snow in Seattle, I'm expecting a rather low turn-out.

I realize that I never commented on Cindy and I going to see Polar Express at the IMax. What I hadn't realized until getting there was that it was Polar Express 3-D at the IMax. They had much fun with the 3-D effects and the detail possible in the IMax format. The movie was a bit hokie and rather predictable yet at the same time it was warm, playful, and had important thoughts. I do think it's important to continue to believe in the magical in the face of all the grayfaces that want to wipe it out.

In writing this, I misspelled *advistory. I wonder if those are the advisories that have little chance of coming to pass?

I also know that I had other (small) topics in mind but I don't recall them right now.
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