Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Well, that wasn't real bright...

So, I am everybody's whipping boy right now in IS where I work.

There were many entries in a production table that were supposed to be 30 days and there were many and asundry entries that were very wrong. Not a big deal, I thought, I can just do "update <table> set submit_days = 30 where submit_days != 30". It was only affecting about 4000 rows not a big deal on a production box.

What I forgot was that an e-mail came out about 3 weeks back talking about restricting updates to 500 records or so. We are using Oracle's Advanced Replication using Multiple Masters. There are a few issues with this including taking the DB down when it tries to replicate too many changes if they aren't formatted in just the right way.

So, now I've created about 2 hours of work for a couple DBAs and I'm feeling foolish. Oops.

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