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Goats for Love and Money

cindygerb and I went to a barbecue at angilong's and charlesks's place tonight. Got to meet their nifty kids. Cindy and I were commenting on the way home that Angi and Charles put out good kids and we're glad that you have them. :) Australian Joe was there as well.

I suspect that we were about to start a rousing games of Apples to Apples when many people showed up. There was elynne, jinian, torquemada, some friends who have been bitten by the dark side of livejournal and a woman whose name I don't remember. I always like meeting people in person; the bandwidth is so much higher. I made brief conversation with teal7. This must be the first time that I talked to someone over the phone first where our point of contact is LJ. A bit odd but amusing nonetheless.

I learned a new game, Cricket, Cricket, I'm on Fire. It's a combination of pictionary and telephone. Everyone starts out with a half-sheet (long) of paper and writes down a phrase that has -some- possibility of being drawn. The paper passes to the next person on your left or right and they attempt to make a drawing of what you wrote. They then fold the paper down so the phrase isn't visible and the next person tries to come up with a phrase that describes what you just drew. This person then folds the paper so that only the latest phrase is visible and passes it on until finally there isn't any paper left. You try to end with a phrase and you see where the migration went. edit - add examples jinian pointed me to some examples of completed sheets.

Angi mentions some of the results of this in her journal. She didn't mention the some of the intermediate steps though. The first started out as "How much is that doggie in the window?", over a few steps went to "Goats for Love and Money" and finally ended up with what she mentions. The second had an intermediate step of Charlie's Angels. An amusing bit was when one went from "George Bush is dumb" to "a guy with swamp gas" to "George Bush is an idiot".

We finally had to leave a bit early since neither Cindy nor I have had much sleep lately. I took a nap when we first got home while Cindy checked e-mail; we failed to hydrate droolpuss and I put Cindy down. I got up fully expecting to do some things that have been neglected and ended up crashing. I got up, briefly read e-mail and lj and posted this. Goodnight to me again.

Note to self: post all the entries you've accumulated on the pilot.

This didn't post using logjam; evidently I need to check out the latest CVS.

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