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Hmph. Sleep is for the weak...

Wow. I got home from work at about 5p, dropped all my stuff, and went to sleep on the living room sofa-bed. I didn't pass go and I didn't collect my e-mail. I set my alarm for 6.30p so that cindygerb and I could get up and go to the sea-poly get together at third place books. (I know that I missed the rainydayreaders reading - grrrf.)
I then proceeded to get up at 9.15p, too late to go since it generally breaks up between 9 and 9.30. I'm a bit distrubed(1) since we haven't been for a while and I really like chatting and otherwise interacting with the people there. Hmph.

Sleep is for the weak. The healthy, well-rested weak but the weak nonetheless.

1. distrubed is like disturbed but not quite as strong.
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