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Good time to get sick and play Civ all day

So, I guess this was a good time for me to've been sick on Friday and then played Advanced Civilization all day today. First time any of us have ever played with the Western Expansion Map.

So, Thursday night after the Grind, I just wasn't feeling right. It was odd. I didn't feel sick and it didn't seem like my normal food allergy problems but it was definitely something not right. It seemed to be combining with my hay fever congestion to do odd things to my body. I'm still not real sure what it was and about the only thing different was eating at Red Mill Burgers. I'm conjecturing that some bacon or similar got into my chicken. It would've been much stronger if it had been hamburger. I was somewhat out of it most of the day at work; thankfully, I wasn't asked for anything too stressful. In the afternoon, I decided that I wasn't actually getting anything done and I went home.
I sent an e-mail apology to elphie's party saying that I was sick. I'm really sorry that I didn't get to go since I was expecting it to be much fun. So, I didn't get to go to that or to the discussion that some friends of mine were having. Disappointment twice! Saying being sick sounds trite but I'm trite at times.

Today was the Civ game. I cleaned up some and set things up. We were meeting at noon to start at 1p. We actually finally started at 2.30p. Oh well. The game last until about 12.30a. A ten hour Civ game is about average. Much better than last year where we weren't quite done at 13 hours and decided to call it quits. Joe R. won by about 100 pts over second place. Everyone did quite well and no one scored drastically low. The calamities were certainly out in force.

In about three months or so, we're thinking of having a KingMaker game at the same time as a clothing exchange. It's only a 2–4 hour game so that might work better for such an event...
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