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A few different thoughts...

So, I have a few different thoughts from today:

  • It's much easier to get a dental filling with all the drilling sounds and smells when your dentist is quite cute. He talked about reading science fiction too.
  • Some of my viewpoint today reminds me of how a friend of mine looked at me exasperatedly and said, "Do you have to find a good side to everything?
  • cindygerb and I went down to Renton after her job to look for Popeyes. After both of us had very good fried chicken, we were looking for the Tukwila Costco. We were driving down Andover Park East and I was wondering if I'd recognize the correct street to turn on. When I found Costco Drive, I figured that might just be it.
  • Usually, I can just pick up most things by just gripping it with a hand and lifting; I have big hands and a strong grip. I can't do that with the two volume set of The Complete Far Side. It's deceptively heavy. The annoying thing is that it's not a book that I can lay down and read. I need the support of more than one arm to hold it. We bought this recently through a few Amazon discount coupons I was given from filling out online surveys.
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