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Okra, Scanners, sleep, and jobs. (and a bit on the Grind)

I seem to be much sleepier than I think I should be. I know that Wednesday night after gaming, I was pretty much unconscious until about noon on Thursday. That's just not natural. Sleepy the rest of the week and today too. I wonder if it's because I'm not being active and my body is taking that cue.

I have an interview on Monday afternoon. That seems popular since two companies wanted it. The first that asked got it though and we're rescheduling the second.

I found out today how to pick Okra at Central Market. I was going to link to their website but I refuse to link to a site that's nothing but Flash. So, you look for green with little or no black and they should be firm; the tips should snap if you bend them. Limp is bad.

Finally, I was very surprised when I hooked up a scanner to Cindy's W2K Pro box. For one, I'm amazed that scanners are now evidently a commodity item for <$100. For two, I installed the software, hooked up the scanner, and used it without any problems or issues. That's definitely a first. It's even got a clever slide/negative holder built into the lid…

Finally, I was surprised and pleased to see a few different people at the Grind last night that I hadn't expected to see. I wasn't feeling the best before the Grind but with the feeling of usefulness and all the touch and hugs, I was doing much better afterwards. There might be some issues with things that have happened recently but after going to the Grind, it's hard to say that life sucks.
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