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Gaming on Wednesday

So, we had cindygerb and myself, lisakit, anansi133, mokie_sassafras, Noah, Jesse, aekajin2, and happilymyself. We started out as we usually do with a quick game that we can add people to while waiting for everyone to show up. This week it was Fluxx and it was one of the longer Fluxx games that I've played. mokie_sassafras won that.
We had previously thought to play Illuminati but happilymyself brought Chez Geek and we'd been wanting to play that for a while. happilymyself won this right at the end of her turn by playing a "Whenever" card. It was fun but seemed a bit limited. I think we still need blackavar to bring over Chez Geek: Block Party that has both expansions in it to see more of the range. After everyone else left, cindygerb and I cleaned up and played two quick games of Chez Geek. She just barely beat me the first one and trounced me on the second.

I really thank my friends for coming out for this; the social interaction was needed.

In other news, I got three separate spontaneous promises of people planning on showing up for games night at the Grind last night. Yay!
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