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I pulled this from a comment that I made in someone else's journal. Unfortunately, I don't recall who's journal I pulled it from...

As a mostly recovered liar, I usually lied from fear or from self-esteem issues. The first is probably understandable if still dumb. The second came from a "everyone else's life is so interesting; I need to make mine more so" viewpoint.

Unfortunately, back when I lied, I was never any good at it. I was so frustrated because my sister could say the moon is made of green cheese and they'd believe her while I'd say the sun would rise tomorrow and they'd have to check. This isn't a knock against my parents but more a case of my and my sister's skill sets. Also, I couldn't remember which lie I had told to who and so I finally decided that telling the same story to everyone worked much better and of course the only story that you can tell to everyone (including yourself) is the truth...

These days just about all my lies come in the form on not giving all the information that I have available and misdirecting people in the direction I want rather than the truth. Most of the time this is not a conscious choice. I try to counteract this. I suspect this is where I got the label, Master of TMI (too much information).
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