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Buca di Beppo on Wednesday in Seattle at 7p

So, in a followup to my earlier post, cindygerb and I have figured that it works for the most people if we go to the Seattle Buca di Beppo at 7p. Kids are certainly allowed considering that it doesn't make sense to ban kids from a place where there are likely to be kids from other groups.

We _do_ need pretty firm commitments since Beppo's doesn't sit people until all members of the party have arrived. So, even if you've commented in the other post, please comment here if you are coming to the Seattle Buca di Beppo's at 7p. We think that it will probably be about $15. Any alcohol is, of course, not included in that number.

Note that if you are responding after this (3.00p), you need to call my cellphone. The number is available here.
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