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on writing and being social and such

I've not been writing here overly much. It's not that I don't have anything to say, it's more that when I'm at the computer to say something, it just doesn't come out. I suspect that a part of it is just less computer time. I'm not at a computer for work and so when I have a contemplative moment, I end up thinking about writing it down but when I get to the computer, I can't recall the essence of what I wanted to say, just bits and pieces. I could reconstruct it like I am for this post but it doesn't usually seem worth it.
I suspect that in some ways, I'm not running my thoughts in the patterns that help me write things down. After some errands today, I'm going to try to do a bit of work-like things on my system here and see if that helps.
Another problem that I seem to be having is my lack of social interaction. I'm interacting with people most evenings but I really seem to be missing the interaction that I get on a day to day basis from work. It's not necessarily quality interaction but it is people and interacting directly instead of mediated by phone or computer. I'm not quite able to pull out the actual ideaspace from this point quite as well and I'll have to do more later.

I suspect there is more but I can't pull more out right now. There will likely be more thoughts on this; I'm just hoping that I can get them into words later.

P.S. This is me doodling with my brain and getting words to my thoughts. I'm doing much better than this post would suggest that I am.
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