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Gaming last night (and a smoothie)

So, I'm going to try to write up what happened at gaming a bit closer to when it happened.

First though, I have to mention that my smoothie made of two bananas, a bunch of peanut butter, some graham crackers (for thickening), and a handful of ice was rather successful. We even have a shake glass that I'm drinking it out of. My apathy/depression is affecting me in odd ways. I think I didn't do this for a while since I didn't think that I would be able to do it right. I had no idea what I was doing. It worked though. cindygerb thought it a bit too thick and too peanut buttery. I think it's Yum!

So, for gaming last night, we had myself, cindygerb, and unagothae who were already here. A little after seven, we had digitalscreams and then a little later we had mokie_sassafras along with lj-less Noah and Jessie. cindygerb provided a plum kugel and mokie_sassafras brought a roasted chicken. We chowed down and chatted for a while. When it seemed like no one else was coming, we had a bit of discussion about what to play. The debate was between Carcassone and Settlers/Seafarers of Catan. We settled on Catan since (I think) it was something new. The scenario we played involved going out through the ocean to discover what the new lands had. We had many more sevens and other manners of low production through the game, it was a bit odd. lisakit showed up partway through the game and elected to watch. She seemed to enjoy putting out the discovered tiles. We didn't actually have time to finish the game but cindygerb won with seven victory points.

Sometime soon, I hope to write up the two gaming sessions that I've never written about. We'll see if I succeed.

[.Edit.] Wow was that ever choppy. I wouldn't give myself more than a C on that. I don't have time to fix it though..
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